About Salon Singer


Salon Singer is a shop existing for 60 years.

Over the years, we acquire a lot of experience In personal fitness.

Each woman is special & has her own need

In our shop, the seller fit each woman with her own underwaer

according to her own need & demand


The shop have a a woman how stitch & repair, with

 little or no extra payment 



In our shop you will find the leadind brand in the feild of woman underwear:

Triumph, Sloggi, Bali, Flexees, Body, Fully, Naturana, Lisca, Playtex


The shop is loceted in down town Jerusalem

in street King George  21 across  from the New Mashbeir.


Little History of our Shop


Our shop was established 60 years ego as a sewing workshop for brassiere and girdles

woman who wanted quality and matching used to come to the store

also the british officers used to come and order girdls  for man to build the body

Over the years we started to buy from familiar importers


Personal fitness


In salon singer, you will allways recive personal home feeling

Professional & patient seller are giving worm treatment for everyone

Fiting her with the most suitable underwear.

In Salon Singer  we have wide diversety of bras, pants, gridle undershirt,

 pajamas & prosthesis. all in wide verity of models coulors and design